About Me


My name is Sara and I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family.  I have two boys Jaxon (9 years) and David (11years).   We  live with my husband (Alan), my sister in-law, father in-law, two pugs, an aquarium of fish, some cats that have found our house and a bunch of chickens.  Don’t worry the chickens live outside.

I have been as stay-at-home mom for eleven years and I am currently getting ready to go back to work part time.  My husband and I were both born legally blind so we don’t have a car.  We buy good shoes and its healthier for us anyway.

I am constantly evolving and learning different things.  I am an information addict.  committed to finding new and innovative ways to support my family and others on their journey to better health and happiness. I believe in;

• Living cleaner with less toxic chemicals in our everyday products
• Eating whole foods as much as possible
• Learning to make things from scratch to save money and resources when possible
• Natural supplementation and preventative medicine
• Taking kids outside and living as a community
• Supporting friends in reaching their goals and dreams no matter how crazy they sound
• Being mindful of our environment



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