Happy Monday, I am all Fucked up Already this Week! 

Yesterday I told everyone including my husband, father-in-law and sister that it was Father’s Day all day.  It really crept up on me this year.  Jaxon, my youngest was perplexed and guilty that we had nothing special planned.

I offered to pay for breakfast for my husband and father-in-law but everyone slept in.  I then drug myself into the beautiful kitchen my husband built for me and begun making breakfast.  I turned on the wrong burner on the stove.  After a few minutes, I realized why my food wasn’t cooking and turned on the correct burner. As breakfast spit and bubbled at me I let a few “F” bombs fly.  I am a terrible person in the morning.  This has always been so.

My husband slowly turned off the first burner I had originally turned on so the house wouldn’t burn down.  This is basically how my Sunday went and the start to a new week.  My sister-in-law told me that it was, in fact, not Father’s Day yesterday around 6pm.  Father’s Day is in two weeks, of course, so I will get a do over this year.


For this years Father’s Day post that was also not written of Father’s Day click here.



About saralogston

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family of 4 and extended family. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 11 years but I am currently transitioning back to work part time. My interests are healthy living, saving money, knitting and cooking.
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  2. Awesome article Thanks sharing it.


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